Dylan Gambardella

Empowering the next generation to succeed at work and in life.

Dylan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Next Gen HQ, the #1 network and development platform that helps diverse, young leaders cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset to unlock their highest potential.

About Dylan

Dylan Gambardella is the CEO and Co-founder of Next Gen HQ. A Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, Dylan and his team provide the momentum all young people need to perform, win, and succeed in life.

Dylan has been featured in Forbes, FOX, Inc, Adweek, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and hundreds of global publications for his work leading a venture-backed, scaling startup. He is the author of newly-released Now That’s Momentum, and led investments in the hottest early-stage startups.

Dylan is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and is frequently invited to speak at companies and events including TED Conferences in front of thousands. Dylan is a graduate of Duke University and an avid Blue Devils basketball fan.

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Now That's Momentum: How the Next Generation Can Think Like Entrepreneurs to Succeed at Work and Life

Next Gen HQ CEOs Dylan Gambardella and Justin Lafazan have spent the last decade working with the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

Through short, action-packed profiles, they share how these leaders have adopted the entrepreneurial mindset to find success - and how you can, too.


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Thought Leadership

For young people today, success in life requires entrepreneurial thinking. Dylan and the Next Gen HQ team have connected with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders to discover what makes them tick. Now, let’s work together to inspire your audience!

Dylan has served as the keynote for dozens of industry-leading events, addressed Fortune 500 executives, and spoken on global stages on topics including:
Becoming the CEO of Your Own Life
Connecting with Gen Z
Youth Entrepreneurship
Leadership and Mindfulness

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