Next Gen


Next Gen is a community and conference for young entrepreneurs, by young entrepreneurs. Founded in 2014 alongside his partner  Justin Lafazan, Next Gen is the premier market and resource for collaboration, capital, mentorship, and more. Next Gen's mission is to instill in young people the belief that they control their futures and can direct their careers and lives in ways that are most meaningful to them. Additionally, the Next Gen Summit is a conference for community members to connect while learning from an incredible group of accomplished speakers and mentors. After the first event in Austin, Texas, in July of 2015, Forbes called the Next Gen Summit a “‘Can’t Miss’ Conference for 2016.” The second event, held in New York City from June 3-5, drew over 500 people. For more information on the 2016 Summit, please visit




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Students4Students College Advisory aims to revolutionize the college admissions process. S4S provides high quality, affordable college admissions consulting and academic tutoring services for our community. Our ultimate goal in running our enterprise is to help as many students as possible gain admission to their dream schools. To date, S4S has helped 70+ students across 3 continents gain admission to college.


Campus Enterprises is Duke's oldest, most successful student run business, and for the past 20 years has been shaping some of the most integral parts of the Duke experience. Within CE, Dylan is the Director of the Restaurants Division, and as such is responsible for over 25 employees across 6 restaurants. Dylan also oversees Campus Enterprises' online ordering platform, BringIt.


Elected in the spring of 2015, Dylan is a Senator in the Duke Student Government. Dylan currently serves on the Services Committee within DSG, where he is responsible for working on projects related to all facets of on-campus student services including healthcare, parking, dining, and more. Dylan has worked on improving student safety and security as well as entrepreneurial ventures.